Optimize your data center for the digital future

Scale quickly and securely to meet tomorrow’s opportunities. As you prepare for a new era of digitalization, we can help you design, build and operate a more sustainable, efficient and economical IT infrastructure that drives your business forward.

Always-on, efficient and ahead of the curve

With the rise of big data, edge computing and the cloud, data centers are under pressure to be more high-performing, sustainable and cost-effective than ever, without compromising resilience or security. At the same time, new opportunities and revenue streams require faster speed-to-market. With our digital intelligence, world-class cyber-secure products and services, reliable, compatible solutions and engineering expertise, we help data centers realize real business benefits today while optimizing their operations for the future.


savings opportunity from green data centers


growth for electricity required for data and computing by 2030


in global spending (2020-2023) on services and tech that will allow digital transformation

Build a data center that fits your business needs

Whether your infrastructure is a single network closet or hyperscale, our data center solutions can help you power a more efficient, sustainable and secure data center. Explore the path that best fits your operational needs.

Design, build and operate more sustainable data centers

Realize your decarbonization goals and increase efficiency with solutions and services that enable you to implement, manage and monitor power systems across your data center operations. Our EnergyAware UPS backup power and Brightlayer Data Centers software suite allow you to integrate renewables and make more effective energy decisions with data. 

Reduce risk with safety and security built in

Keep your data, equipment and people safe with predictive security solutions backed by our industry-leading secure-by-design approach, internationally-recognized cybersecurity standards and compliance best practices. From arc flash protection to UL/IEC cybersecurity accreditation, safety and security is built into the foundation of everything we make. 

Scale easier and get to market faster

Realize the value of your investment sooner with accelerated, data-driven design and project management services, easy implementation, pre-tested solutions and expert support. 

Lower costs, increase revenue and ensure always-on reliability

Reduce total cost of ownership and open new revenue streams with flexible, reliable power solutions that support the bi-directional flow of energy and enable you to sell power back to the grid. All while maintaining constant uptime. 

Join trusted experts and learn to manage cybersecurity risk

A world dependent on connectivity and electrification needs trusted environments. Join us for Cybersecurity Perspectives: the global forum and educational program showcasing the advanced tools and resources needed to expand your cybersecurity skillset.

Knowledge center

From in-depth customer success stories to at-a-glance infographics and more, our Knowledge center is your resource for the information you need to create an effective building energy optimization strategy.