Mega Construction

While the demand for material is increasing, declining ore grades are putting pressure on every aspect of your mining operation. Trust us to help you reduce costs, increase uptime and focus on safety to improve cost per ton.

Where we Serve?

Mega Construction where we support, Customer partnership to realize what is beyond Idea

  • Working closely with the Consultant/Specifiers to get all the needed
  • Creating & Maintaining long lasting relationship
  • Developing the Tools/Trainings needed to keep customers more

One for All, One solution provider that can provide a breadth of solutions globally includes

  • Project Management Solutions
  • Power Monitoring System
  • Medium Voltage, Low Voltage & Transformers Solutions
  • Local Manufacturing Facility & 24/7 available service team
  • Easy monitoring and management of network infrastructure

    • Customized Power Monitoring System
    • Automated Alarming & Reporting tool
    • Downtime reduction
    • Increasing Equipment lifetime

Whom we Serve?

NEOM, Qiddya, TRSDC, AMMALA, Diriyah Gate Development Authority, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Suliman Al Habib Hospital, King Khaled International Airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport, King Abdullah University for Science & Technology, King Faisal University, Princess Noura University, Umm Al Qura University …….etc

How we Serve?

Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, and services fo• r thPeoIEwCe/rAQNuSaI lMityVS&olLuVtiopnoswer distribution solutions including

  • Medium Voltage Equipment
  • Low Voltage Equipment
  • Modular Data Center


  • Power Management Solutions

Success Stories

SOUTH RIYADH SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT, RIYADH-SAUDI ARABIA Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Configuration, Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of:

    • Corporate Data Center (CDC Phase 1 & 2) The biggest Tier 3+ Data Center in the middle east. Located in Dhahran area in 6000 m2 raised floor.Our Scope:

      • 74 sections of MV Switchgear
      • 97 sections LV Switchgear
      • 18 sections LV Motor control center
      • 188 units of LV panel board
      • 27 units of LV Dry Type Transformer
      • 76 feet LV Bus Duct


    • King Abdullah Center for Cancer and Liver Diseases & Private Wing and EMS.

      The biggest center in Saudi Arabia and middle east for cancer and liver diseases with 2.5B SAR.

      Our Scope:

      • 59 sections of Medium Voltage
      • 88 sections of Low Voltage
      • 29 units of Medium Voltage Power
      • 4 systems of DC systems (CEG/Italy)
      • 30 sections of Low Voltage
      • 1000 of Low Voltage Panel

      This 60,000 sq. meter state-of-the-art jet engine maintenance and overhaul facility.

      Our Scope:
      • MVSWGR & 8x Unit substation each one includes:
      • MV interrupter switch &
      • MV/LV Dry Type transformer
      • LV Switchgear
      • 78x LV panel Boards
      • 19x LV Dry type transformers
      • Electrical power monitoring system
      • Testing and commissioning

    PNU has approved ECO through Saudi Oger. as a supplier and manufacturer for the Electrical Power and control panels.

    Our Scope:
    Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply,

    Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of:

    • LV Distribution Boards
    • Load Centers
    • Motor Control Centers
    • VFD Panels
    • Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of:
    • LV Distribution Boards
    • Load Centers
    • Meduim Voltage Switchgear