Aerospace ducting repair

Eaton’s ducting repair solutions provide a reliable, cost-saving alternative to buying new replacements to help customers maintain engines and airframes in top condition. We repair pneumatic, fuel, oil and breather ducts, tubing and related products regardless of manufacturer. By leveraging Eaton’s advanced manufacturing and materials expertise, we’re also able to perform more complex repairs and develop repairs not on the market.

Features and benefits

Repair vs. replace

Eaton’s repair solutions present an affordable strategy to manage lifecycle costs and maintain engines and airframes in top operating condition. Our repair stations perform a wide variety of duct, tube and hose repairs that provide cost-saving options to keep airplanes flying reliably. By leveraging Eaton’s longstanding OEM leadership, we can perform more complex repairs and repair parts manufactured by competitors.

Advanced engineering and materials expertise

We can perform more complex tube and duct repairs requiring advanced levels of engineering, manufacturing and materials expertise. We’re also able to repair non-Eaton tubes and ducts and develop repair solutions for parts previously considered non-repairable.

Extensive repair portfolio

Serving a global customer base, Eaton’s repair stations maintain a tube and duct repair portfolio comprising of more than 8,000 part numbers found on most commercial and military engines and airframes.

Supports sustainablility

Repairing and recycling versus scrapping is a more sustainable option that helps reduce landfill waste and carbon emissions associated with manufacturing new parts.

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