Electrical power distribution field services

Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems team provides the expertise needed to keep your power system safe, efficient, reliable and up-to-date. Our extensive range of expertise helps businesses make the most of their existing equipment by optimizing performance and extending the lifespan. Our electrical services engineers and technicians diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, and transform concepts into flexible, practical solutions that can improve productivity and use of capital.

Core features

Helping communities meet healthcare capacity requirements

The COVID-19 crisis requires unprecedented field hospitals and testing facilities. That’s why we’re working with the healthcare industry, contractors and consultants to deliver expertise and power management support where it matters.

Verify your system

When constructing or modifying an electrical system, it is critical to verify that it will perform in accordance with the design plans and specifications. Eaton’s site acceptance testing not only ensures the proper functioning of new or upgraded equipment, but provides baseline data for designing predictive maintenance programs.

Need service support now?

Eaton’s service team is on call 24/7 every day of the year, providing unrivaled services ranging from troubleshooting to disaster recovery.

Preventive maintenance pays

It is widely documented that a well-designed, time-based preventive maintenance program can significantly reduce failure rates. Eaton’s predictive diagnostic services relies on the latest technologies to support a long-term predictive/preventive program to optimize equipment and uptime.

Let Eaton be your engineering partner

As organizations increasingly expect their personnel to do more with less, it can be especially challenging to keep systems up-to-date and optimally performing. With Eaton’s embedded engineer services, you gain an in-house expert to supplement your own staff. Engineers can perform a multitude of tasks including drawing creation, field installation, commissioning of devices and project management.

Crisis response when you need it most

In the wake of a disaster, speed of response is essential, as these events can cause enormous loss of property, production and revenue. With service offices strategically located throughout North America, Eaton can deploy expert crisis management through a team of engineers and technicians within hours of a disaster striking. This immediate action helps organizations return to production quickly and safely.

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