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  1. This brochure discusses the features and benefits of Arc Quenching Switchgear
    (PDF 765 KB, 08/01/2019)
  2. This document discusses how high resistance grounding in oil production applications allows for continuous and increased safety during ground fault conditions.
    (PDF 234 KB, 04/30/2015)
White Papers
  1. This paper describes the use of motor protection relays with ground fault protection in low voltage motor control centers for fast fault detection.
    (PDF 864 KB, 09/08/2021)
  2. What they are, what they do, why they’re essential in your UPS — and the importance of proactive maintenance for these humble and often overlooked components.

    (PDF 828 KB, 02/26/2021)
  3. This white paper discusses reliably detecting the ignition of an arc flash inside low-voltage metal enclosed switchgear using an arc flash detection system presents a number of technical challenges and requires careful system design to provide maximum equipment and personnel protection
    (PDF 619 KB, 09/02/2018)
  4. This paper will discuss upgrade versus replace alternatives, addressing UL 845 North American industry standard requirements and how this affects design, installation and maintenance of both upgraded and new MCCs.
    (PDF 1 MB, 06/01/2019)