Air Circuit Breaker – IZMX/INX series

Eaton’s IZMX/INX series meet the needs of low-voltage energy distribution and the increased demands with new materials and a modified construction. The compact sizes minimize non-revenue generating floor space and make higher demands on the integrated components. Two compact sizes facilitate smaller switch panels. The modular design and common accessories allow for easy panel and switch board integration. 

The series offers a high degree of functionality and communication capability with impressive performance. IZMX/INX series meets any customers’ needs by combining high interruption and short-time withstand ratings with a wide range of trip unit functions and easy to integrate communications.


quick and easy installation


increase safety


reliability and diagnostics

Core features

Individual solutions combined with IZMX

Adding individual solutions to IZMX circuit breakers provides both more protection for systems and more safety for personnel in case there is a failure. And it also reduces the risk of unintended interruptions of operation. These solutions include:
  • ARCON®
  • Zone selectivity
  • Remote switching
  • Testing and documenting with PXPM

For cost-effective, optimized solutions

The IZMX16 is the smallest air circuit-breaker in his class worldwide – without any loss in terms of performance. Because of its compact size it allows the user to create innovative concepts, like to install two circuit breakers side by side in withdrawable design, in a 600 mm wide section. This fact provides for a more cost-effective setup of the section and, in addition, it helps to save operating space. And where remote switching is required, this volume can even accommodate a motor for pre-tightening the stored-energy spring mechanism and some magnetic coils for the on/off command. More performance in less space is simply impossible.

The IZMX40 is a circuit breaker for up to 4000 A in a volume of a 3200 A circuit breaker, without the need to install any additional “busbar extensions” in the connection area. Tests to integrate it into Eaton switchgear systems confirm its outstanding technical performance and optimal compatibility thanks to the flexible connection system. The modular structure, integrated detail solutions as well as a complete range of accessories and additional functions make it easy to adapt the circuit breaker to any of the required applications. Optionally it can be adapted right at the factory – without any extra cost or additional installation work at the circuit breaker.

The next generation trip unit platform - Power Xpert Release (PXR)

The higher resolution dot matrix display has been enhanced to be always active, constantly displaying the status of zone selectivity (ZSI), battery condition and rated current In. All data can be transferred via Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet communication function and for security, a password can be added to avoid unauthorised changes. In addition, a QR code has been added for easier identification and to access additional information.