Digital NZM Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

The new globally available digital NZM Series fits perfectly into modern energy distribution systems. The circuit breakers are suitable for universal use – from small distribution boards to machine controls and motor-starter combinations all the way to large power distribution systems. Due to its connectivity and enhanced features it’s ready for Industry 4.0 applications.

100% Compatible

with former range


according IEC 61557-12


enables predictive maintenance

Core features

Eaton’s new NZM Circuit Protection Generation provides Connectivity and reduced installation costs combined with integrated Safety technology.

Designed for use in machinery applications

Create a safe working environment with the NZM circuit-breaker. The extensive range of accessories allows flexible adaptation to customer requirements, e.g. mounting location and terminal connection. Thanks to IEC and UL/CSA approvals, there is no restriction to worldwide application. With the new integrated energy measurement it is possible to implement energy management according to ISO 50001.

Compact solution for energy measurement in energy distribution

Space-saving installation thanks to the integrated energy measurement and communication interface makes external measurement and communication solutions obsolete. Thanks to the intelligent design, the design verification according to IEC 61439 is still valid. The Zone Selective Interlocking feature (ZSI) ensures selectivity in the time-delayed range of the tripping characteristic to 100 %.

Motor Control Center (MCC) and circuit-breaker NZM are a perfect match

As part of a motor starter combination, the digital NZM not only enables a safe and reliable start of the connected motor, but also provides a wide range of application data. In addition to status and energy data, it also provides information for preventive maintenance of the circuit breaker. The ARMS maintenance mode offers additional protection for systems and personnel in the event of maintenance work.

Ideally suited for photovoltaic systems

With the switch-disconnectors up to 1,600 A, implementing applications such as main switches, emergency power-off switches and coupler switches is quick and simple. This makes the new NZM circuit breakers suitable for use in various environments such as renewable energy, e.g. photovoltaics, with up to 1,500 VDC.

Designed and tested for mining applications

The wide range of possible applications covers every need. The new NZM circuit breakers handle loads with rated currents up to 1,600 A and can be used even in the toughest environments such as mining with up to 1,000 VAC.

Suitable for high energy density industries

Eaton took a close look at what customers really want and designed the product accordingly. The new digital NZM circuit breakers were designed for power-intensive applications with high switching capaticies at 690 VAC such as wind power and marine industry as well as data centers.