PDI PowerWave 2 Busway

The PowerWave 2 Busway System provides a flexible, simple-to-install, highly configurable and intelligent overhead power busway distribution system with the safest features for the data center market. The PowerWave 2 Busway System gives you an easy-to-use and highly reliable overhead power busway distribution system for mission-critical facilities worldwide.

The PowerWave 2 Busway System provides a continuous open channel busway system deployed in 250A, 400A, 600A, 800A and 1000A systems. The busway system has been engineered to make deployment rapid and safe for electrical contractors. The PowerWave 2 Busway end-feed provides accurate high speed monitoring and alerting of key electrical performance metrics.

PDI PowerWave 2 Busway

Watch this video to learn more about the PowerWave 2 Busway system.

Coupler assembly

The PowerWave 2 coupler assembly steps featuring CouplerTek Technology.

Load bank install

The PowerWave 2 load bank end feed enables testing of busway runs.

CouplerTek Technology

PDI PowerWave 2 features an innovative coupler featuring CouplerTek Technology which enables a quick and easy way to connect rails. CouplerTek Technology minimizes the keep out area maximizing the available area for tap off boxes and simplifies the layout of the busway run. CouplerTek Technology bolt-less and torque-free installation requires zero annual maintenance.

Load Bank testing

Commissioning the PowerWave 2 Busway System has never been easier thanks to the Load Bank End Feed. Load bank testing validates installation and system performance before a bus run is put into production. The Load Bank End Feed enables a load bank to be connected to the end of the bus run through standard Cam Lock connectors and are available for each bus system amperage.


The PowerWave 2 Busway System is designed as a continuous open channel power distribution busway that allows tap off box units to be placed anywhere along the bus rails.


The PowerWave 2 Quick Connect tap off box units have been designed to make installation simple, fast and safe without the need for any tools.


The busway end-feed monitoring allows for the proactive management of power usage and availability.
The PowerWave 2 Busway System can be deployed in 250A, 400A, 600A, 800A and 1000A systems to fit a wide-range of mission-critical power loads. Multiple range ampacity busrails gives you the ability to provide power to equipment without deploying expensive infrastructure that may never be used. As a result, your ability to meet power loads with properly sized equipment reduces your total expense.