Ulusoy dry-type transformers

Eaton Ulusoy dry-type transformers are moisture-proof, making them suitable for operation in humid and highly polluted environments. These transformers work in environments with over 95 % humidity and at temperatures as low as -25 °C. The maximum standard rated power is 3,150 kVA, but this can be extended up to 5,000 kVA upon request.


up to 5,000 kVA


up to 36 kV


Aluminium or copper

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Safe and reliable transformers

Thanks to compliance with classes E2, C2 and F1, Ulusoy dry-type transformers work safely under difficult conditions, for example at high altitudes and in marine environments. The transformers are manufactured in accordance with the national and international standards TS EN, IEC, IEEE, CENELEX EN. 

Moreover, Eaton also offers designs for specific applications, including:

High K factor: Eaton’s K factor transformers address the problems caused by non-linear loads and harmonics. They also compensate for stress on a transformer’s winding insulation to prevent insulation breakdown and premature failure. The result is longer transformer life.

Higher insulation level: Eaton provides increased insulation levels to ensure longer transformer life.

Temperature monitoring: Eaton offers the opportunity to control and monitor temperature levels of both windings and cores.

Housing (enclosure): Eaton will equip transformers with enclosures for outdoor or indoor use, as required.

Higher efficiency: With low loss levels and a long product lifetime, Eaton paves the way for cost savings both in the medium and long term. Designing efficient transformers means better cooling in the case of high temperature rises.

Casting: We use high-quality epoxy resin components for the vacuum casting of the HV coils in our dry-type transformers. Quartz sand is used as the filling material. By customer request, epoxy resin and insulation materials can be used in the coils for the H thermal class.

Versatile accessories to customise your transformer

Our standard accessories include two-way adjustable wheels, lifting rings, terminals for earthing connections, temperature control relays and PT100 thermal sensors and relays. We also offer additional accessories for further customisation: PTC thermistors (can be used instead of PT100), cooling fans, fan control relays, socket connections for high-voltage connections, protection cells, high-voltage surge arresters and anti-vibration pads. Find out more about our additional accessories in the gallery below!



Wheels are available in various diameters, selected to handle the transformer weight. They are shipped with the transformer as per customer request.

Anti-vibration pads

Anti-vibration pads

Anti-vibration pads are placed on the base of the transformer wheels. These soften the transformer vibrations during operation.

PT100 sensors

PT100 sensors

PT100 sensors are used in each phase for temperature control inside the low-voltage windings of transformers. They can be used in the core upon customer request.

Cooling fans

Cooling fans

Cooling fans can be placed under the coils to keep them cool and temporarily increase the transformer's power by 40 %.

Temperature control relays

Temperature control relays

Temperature control relays are designed to measure, control and alert when the transformer overheats. Overheating can result from high ambient temperatures or transformer winding overload.

Thorough testing to ensure safe and reliable transformers

When it comes to delivering utility-grade power, proven reliability and safety are paramount. That’s why Eaton tests every transformer rigorously before delivering it to the customer. Aside from routine tests, we also offer type tests and specialised tests to meet all customer requirements. We make what matters work for our customers in a safe and reliable way.

Routine tests

Type tests

Additional tests