xEnergy Elite

Eaton’s xEnergy Elite motor control centres and power distribution switchgear combine intelligent communications and industry-leading arc-flash prevention to provide the safest, most effective method for grouping motor control, associated control, industrial communications and distribution equipment. xEnergy Elite is safe, durable and scalable, built to IEC 61439-2 standards and can be seamlessly integrated into all major industrial protocols.


up to 6300 A


up to 690 V


up to 120 kA

Core features

Always on with the Elite contact system

The unique Elite contact system is designed for 1000+ operations. All control and communication connections, up to category 6A Ethernet communication, are established without intermediate wiring between the drawer unit and customer connections. The main power contacts are connected to the line and load side. Magnetic forces ensure optimum electrical connections even during short circuit and rough starting conditions.

Patented arc risk mitigation technology keeps personnel and equipment safe

The fully encapsulated distribution busbar for withdrawable motor starters and feeders is classified as an arc ignition protected zone and offers IP4X protection. The drawer units can be safely operated from disconnect to test to connect behind closed doors. The fully withdrawable modules offer safe and convenient access during maintenance. 

The optional ARMS arc flash reduction maintenance system further increases personnel safety. Internal separation up to form 4b and continuous temperature monitoring via DIAGNOSE reduce the risk of switchgear failures greatly. In the unlikely event of an arc flash the ARCON arc fault protection system ensures safety for personnel and equipment. Passive arc containment compliant to the latest IEC/TR61641 edition 3 and earthquake-safety tests complete our safety concept.

Reliable real-time performance data ensures maximum performance

The motor starters and feeders can be equipped with the Power Xpert C445 motor management relay. This motor management relay provides market-leading diagnostic capabilities, energy usage analytics and can be integrated into a variety of systems and applications.

Offering on-board communication options for standard industry protocols like EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS and USB, Power Xpert C445 can be integrated into a variety of upstream systems and applications

Become an xEnergy partner

Join our partner program and access all features including our withdrawable motor starters and feeders, DIAGNOSE for continuous temperature monitoring, ARCON to ensure active arc fault protection according to IEC/TR 61641, and the xEnergy Configurator for planning and designing xEnergy Elite switchgear. Furthermore, we offer building instructions, type test certificates, design verification sheets, software tools, and training to our authorized and licensed panel builder partners.