Volume 2, Tab 5 – This catalog contains product details and ordering information for 30-5000A transfer switches.
(PDF 4 MB, 02/01/2018)
Design guides
This design guide provides dimensions, layout examples, technical specifications and application information for low-voltage automatic transfer switches. The information in this document supersedes section 25 of the Consulting Application Guide (CAG).
(PDF 2 MB, 09/08/2021)
Installation instructions
This document contains operation and maintenance instructions for power frame type transfer switches with ATC-900 controller and Magnum DS technology.
(PDF 3 MB, 08/01/2014)
Product specification guides
Guide specification for automatic transfer switches (ATS) & bypass isolation automatic transfer switches (ATS), power frame type, ATC-900 controller, all frame sizes up to 5000 A
(DOCX 597 KB, 05/21/2020)
Technical data sheets
This test certificate summarizes the seismic capability of transfer switch equipment in accordance with the combined requirements specified in IBC, CBC, and UBC.
(PDF 71 KB, 07/27/2020)
White papers