Magnum DS low-voltage switchgear

Eaton’s Magnum DS low-voltage switchgear offers reliable protection and centralized control of low-voltage power circuits up to 600 volts for a wide range of industries including healthcare, data centers and petrochemical.  Low-voltage switchgear is a metal-enclosed assembly with three-position, draw-out power circuit breakers engineered to monitor and protect low-voltage electrical systems.


Up to 600 V


Up to 10000 A


Up to 200 kAIC

Core features

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More breakers per structure, in half the size!

Series NRX breakers provide similar protection, features and performance as Magnum DS breakers but in a more compact form factor. When using NRX breakers, a 24-inch structure can house as many as eight breakers reducing the overall assembly size by as much as half.

Modernize and extend the life of Magnum DS low-voltage switchgear

Genuine Magnum DS switchgear accessories and replacement parts improve the reliability, safety and longevity of the switchgear.

Compact designs, even for 4000A applications.

The MDN4000 is a narrow-design low-voltage circuit breaker in a 30-inch structure featuring an interrupt rating of 100 kAIC at 508 VAC and 65 kAIC at 635 VAC. The MDN4000 is available for rear-access Magnum DS, as well as all of Eaton’s front access and front-access arc-resistant low-voltage switchgear products.

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