This catalog covers busway legacy products for aftermarket, renewal parts and life extension solutions.
(PDF 557 KB, 10/01/2016)
Design guides
This design guide provides dimensions, layout examples, technical specifications and application information for Pow-R-Flex busway. The information in this document supersedes section 24 of the Consulting Application Guide (CAG).
(PDF 1 MB, 09/08/2021)
Infographics and listicles
This document highlights the benefits of a more flexible, efficient and sustainable approach to power distribution.
(PDF 127 KB, 08/05/2021)
(PDF 3 MB, 08/01/2014)
Installation instructions
This publication contains instructions for the storage, handling, installation, and maintenance of the Eaton Pow-R-Flex busway.
(PDF 6 MB, 01/01/2019)
Product specification guides
This specification covers Pow-R-Flex low-voltage busway.
(DOC 61 KB, 03/27/2012)
Technical data sheets
This document reviews the physical and electrical technical data for Pow-R-Flex duct, plug-in, and accessories.
(PDF 2 MB, 03/01/2015)
White papers